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Underrated Products We Need to Talk About More

Fans of makeup will be very familiar with the hype machine behind promoting products, and the chain reaction it has for consumers. Remember the furore around Naked Heat this year? How many times did it sell out? It’s hard to avoid such fuss when it’s all over social media.


But what about the unsung heroes of the beauty community, the little products that could but aren’t subjected to the same degree of attention?


I’ve realised that I have a few favourites I reach for a lot which seem to be somewhat under the radar in terms of popularity (we all know how I feel about a lot of popular products). Let me know if you love them, too.



Nyx Lid Lingerie Eye Tint

Don’t be put off by the fact that this is a cream eyeshadow, it’s a very versatile product. It can be used as an eye primer, all over the lid for a one-shadow look, or in conjunction with powder shadows. This product plays well with others, and blends easily with a fluffy brush. The only downside is that it doesn’t seem to last long, I’m on my second tube already.



Pixi LipLift Max

I’m not sure about it’s lip plumping capabilities, but this is such a gorgeous gloss. It has a fresh minty scent, isn’t overly sticky and is very comfortable to wear. I like wearing it on its own, or over a too-matte lip product to stop my lips from drying out. If you like glosses, get your mitts on one of these. It comes in 3 different shades (tints, really) and there’s a kit available with 3 mini versions of them if you want to try them all. Also, you have to admit the packaging is pretty slick.



Inglot Under Eye Concealer 

Finally, a concealer that doesn’t make my skin look 800 years old. I use this as a primer for my lids and it really helps me blend even the most dry of shadows. It’s also great under the eye, and doesn’t crease as long as I set it with powder.  I can’t stress how great this concealer is for dry eyelids; if you have issues blending or find that your shadows look patchy no matter what you do, your base might be the problem. Pop into Inglot one day and see if this is for you.



No 7 Gel Cleanser

If you’re looking into trying double cleansing, I highly recommend getting your grubby paws on this stuff. It’s available for normal/dry and dry/very dry skin types, so apologies oily-skinned folks but you aren’t invited to this party. This gel cleanser doesn’t lather but it does really clean your face and isn’t abrasive or drying. The best part for me is that I can use a Boots voucher to get money off, so I actually get it at half price. This stuff lasts forever as well (I’m still trying to empty my first tube, 12 weeks later).


Maybelline Master Brow Pro Palette Kit 

I’m not much of a fan of doing my brows. Eyebrow pencils can be dry and drag on the skin; brow pomades make it too easy to apply more product than needed. Thankfully between my wretched foes lies brow powder. This kit contains a wax, powder and a highlight to ensure you get the most defined brows possible. I’ll be honest, I tend not to use all three together as very sculpted brows don’t suit me. I thought the powder would have run out by now but it hasn’t, it lasts a deceptively long time.


What products do you feel should be raved about more?

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