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The 12 Eyeshadow Palettes of Christmas

Yes I know, I really am obsessed with eyeshadow palettes.


It’s November already, so it’s time to get serious about buying gifts that are absolutely for other people and definitely not for yourself. ‘Tis also the season for limited edition holiday releases, many of which have made this list (catch them while you can).


I’ve also included some favourites from this year and brand new (hopefully permanent) palettes that are already gathering hype. 


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism  £43 (€48.80)

 I know there was a lot of controversy surrounding Subculture to put you off even looking at another ABH palette, but rest assured Prism has been getting much better reviews. It has a mix of mattes, duochromes and metallic shadows, plus some very unique shades (neon yellow anyone?). The mattes are versatile enough that you could create a toned down, everyday look with one or two of them alone. It might seem like an incohesive collection of shades and textures, but it’s well worth looking at the ABH Instagram page to see eye looks created with this palette. It’s also part of the ABH Holiday Collection, so it is limited edition.


2. Huda Beauty Desert Dusk Palette £56 (€63.50)

Look at this beauty! If you’re lucky enough to be within striking distance of Grafton Street’s Brown Thomas, you’ll be able to swatch this one yourself. The rest of us have to make do with the glowing reviews it’s been getting (bar the awkward red glitter shade, but we can’t win them all). This is an expensive palette, and yet still somehow an affordable alternative to another purple-themed palette (Hello, Natasha Denona Lila). It features 18 shades inspired by the Arabian desert at, eh, dusk with a variety of finishes.


3. Huda Beauty Obsessions Palette £25 (€28.40)

Ok so maybe you want to get a Huda fan something beauty related but you don’t want them to think you’re mad about them, or maybe you just want to treat yourself, check out these little palettes. I say little because they are deceptively small. They’re available in 4 different colour schemes – mauve, warm brown, smokey, and electric (bright colours) – so there really is something to suit everyone’s needs. For the price they really should come with a mirror, but that’s a fight for another day. 


4. Urban Decay Naked Heat £39.50 (€44.85)

It seems like it was just this past Summer everyone was losing their minds over this palette. Probably because it was this past Summer. Beauty fans tend to have a love it or hate it relationship with the Naked eyeshadow formulas but if you or someone you know is still yearning for it, add this warm-toned, red-themed palette to the list. It’s still a firm favourite for many people.


5. Colourpop Yes, Please! Pressed Powder Shadow Palette $16 (€13.82)

Probably the best value for money on the list, especially considering how phenomenal Colourpop shadows are (I cannot recommend them enough, honestly). This palette boasts a selection of matte and metallic shadows in shades reminiscent of a sunset, with even a warm yellow to work with. You could create several unique eye looks without reaching for another palette, which is a huge bonus in my book. No wonder this sold out more than twice since its release.


6. Zoeva Opulence Eyeshadow Palette €21

In typical Zoeva fashion, the packaging of this palette is divine. Look at that range of colour; deep red, royal blue, shimmering champagne. There’s a lot going on here. It is limited edition though, so it won’t be around forever. If you like rich shades with mostly metallic finishes (the red is the only matte), add this beauty to your list. If you know someone who could rock these shades, pick it up fast. 



7. Tarte’s Tartlette Toasted Palette €50

Tarte make my favourite eyeshadows of all timeFull of very wearable, warm tone browns and oranges, it’s the perfect palette for this time of year. It also has a great ratio of mattes (7) to shimmers (5), making it an all-round versatile palette. I know this one has gained a reputation for being heavy on fallout, but that’s nothing a light touch and brush tap won’t fix.


8. NARS Glass Tears Eyeshadow Palette €37.45

Another pricey palette with just 6 shadows, of which 4 are shimmers and the remaining 2 are mattes. The packaging is just beautiful as is the colour scheme of the shadows, look at that blue-green shimmer! Glass Tears is part of the Man Ray Collection for Holiday 2017 (which looks predictably gorgeous), so it is another limited edition item that won’t be around in the New Year. 


9. Too Faced Just Peachy Mattes €45

This fast became a fan favourite in the beauty community. In a world with an excess of shimmer shades, all matte palettes are often a blessing. These peach and pink shadows can be easily dressed up or down, and the rave reviews it’s received confirm that these shadows blend like a dream. The Peaches and Cream Collection launches in the UK later this month, so hopefully we will be able to order it closer to home soon. 


10. Kat Von D Saint + Sinner Eyeshadow Palette $62 (€53.50)

KVD is famous for its high quality shadows, and so far reviews have been extremely positive about this palette. It has almost every shade you could ever need, from neutral, muted tones to shimmering yellow gold, rich purple and olive green. And yes, it is a limited edition release for the Christmas period. While it seems to be currently sold out almost everywhere, KVD ship to Ireland now directly from their site, and you can sign up for an email notification when the palette is back in stock. 


11. Urban Decay Heavy Metals Eyeshadow Palette €49

Fans of shimmers are going to be all over this one. Ignoring the awkwardly placed mirror (why?), this really is such a beautiful palette, with a wide range of colours to choose from to enhance your eye look. Obviously as it is all shimmers, it is more of a companion palette (unless you make all-shimmer looks work, in which case more power to you). This is another limited edition product, so keep that in mind.


12. MAKE UP FOR EVER Lustrous Shadow Palette €43

Ah, my favourite. I love the look of this palette, which consists of 3 shimmers and 9 mattes. This has practical, neutral tones perfect to use as transition shades, as well as stunning red and purple shadows to add warmth to the lids. It even has 2 blusher shades (don’t ask me which). It’s part of MUFE’s holiday collection so it won’t be around after Christmas sadly. Why can’t holiday collections be all year round, damnit!


Honorary Mention: 

Viseart Golden Hour Palette €43.20

I couldn’t not include this gorgeous palette somewhere. Viseart are famous for their outstanding eyeshadow formula, which makes them a favourite brand amongst many professional makeup artists. They’re also known for being extremely expensive. This 9 pan palette is possibly the best value item Viseart offer, so it’s a great opportunity to discover the brand without paying an arm and a leg to do so. I’m loving the new packaging, too.


If I had to pick, I guess ABH Prism, Colourpop Yes, Please! and MUFE Lustrous make my top 3. How about you?


This post contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase using one of the links on this page, I will receive a very small commission of that purchase. 

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