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Smashbox Drawn In Decked Out Shadow and Highlight Set Review


Every year, brands pass themselves out releasing special holiday editions of their makeup. Truth be told there’s a lot of crap out there, and what’s not crap is often very overpriced. Sometimes we get lucky though and hit that sweet spot of a makeup set that’s neither terrible or too expensive, and this year that is the Smashbox Drawn In Decked Out Shadow and Highlight Set. The packaging is just beautiful, check out my Instagram post on it to fully appreciate it.

You get a lot for €52: 2 full size Cover Shot eyeshadow palettes, and a smaller version of Smashbox’s Spotlight highlighting palette in Pearl (for light skin tones). One Cover Shot palette alone will set you back €31, so to get 2 and the little Spotlight palette is a very sweet deal.

I’ve spent the past month playing around with these palettes (as will be evident by the pictures), so hopefully any questions you have on this set will be answered here.

The 2 Cover Shot eyeshadow palettes are the very popular Ablaze, and the Sultry palette which is exclusive to this set.



This is a much-loved palette by many eyeshadow fans, myself included. Don’t be fooled by how small this palette is; it has a decent mix of reds, berries and oranges in both matte and shimmer shades. Don’t be intimidated by the colour scheme either, you can easily create a toned down look using these shadows. 






Fans of cool tones will adore this palette. The first half has very wearable taupes, ideal to use all over the lids for a one-shadow look. This palette had significantly more fallout than Ablaze, so it’s definitely a bit messier. I found the paler matte shade to be a bit powdery, but that’s often the case with pale matte shadows. The dark shadows work fine as an eyeliner. I found the pigmentation of the Ablaze shadows to be superior to these ones; it took several layers to make the darker mattes seem opaque and even then, they still look paler than the shadows in pan.



To be fair though, deep mattes in both palettes aren’t overly opaque once applied, which is ideal for using in the crease (where they blend seamlessly), but takes a bit more work to pack on the lid. If you’re looking to do the latter, I’d recommend putting down a darker base first and then applying your dark mattes. These shades work great in the outer V of the lids. As I said above, the Sultry mattes are harder work.
The paler shades can barely (if at all) be seen in the swatch pictures, but they do show up on my lids at least.
The shimmer shades are beautiful but subtle, so don’t expect a blinding metallic finish here. They’re best applied with a damp flat brush, or just your finger. I found the shimmers gradually faded throughout the day, although the mattes stayed intact.

These shadows play well with others. Texture-wise they’re more on the dry side, so I wouldn’t recommend using without a decent eye primer. If your lids are on the oily side, their dryness probably won’t be much of an issue for you.




I adore this. The Spotlight palettes are ordinarily available in Pearl (for light skin tones) and Gold (for medium to dark skin tones), and only Pearl is available in this set. The first shade is a subtle pale champagne, the second a golden peach, and the third is a sparkly pale gold to swatch, but doesn’t look too glittery on the face. To be honest, I get the impression that the last shade was meant to be a very bold, glittery highlighter but it just doesn’t follow through, which works out better for me. It probably is the least pigmented of the 3 so if you were hoping for a full on sparkly highlighter, this one might let you down.
I wear all 3 highlighters, and often just layer them together. You can be as subtle or as blinding as you want, with plenty of combinations to try. The lightest shade is so gorgeous as an inner eye highlight, also.



Let’s sum up with Pros and Cons:


  • Excellent value for money
  • Great selection of cool and warm tone colours
  • Palettes ideal size for travel/easily stored
  • 8 matte and shimmer eyeshadows in each eyeshadow palette
  • Blend easily
  • Shadows work well with other shadows



  • Highlighter palette more suited for light skin tones
  • Sultry palette more difficult to use/more fallout
  • Shimmers fade


The pros far outweigh the cons for me, I just felt it important to include the cons in case any are dealbreakers for you.


So what do you think? Have I talked you into it, or out of it?

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