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Project Pan: The Pannening

Oh, you thought one post on project panning was all I was going to have to say on the topic? Heck nope! This is something that’s on my mind every time I see the sheer amount of unnecessary products I have. I can make allowances for having too many foundations considering it’s tough finding your perfect one; I’m also fine with having a lot of eyeshadow because 1. it’s my favourite makeup product, and 2. I’m still trying to find the ideal formula for my elderly eyelids.

So what will I be panning?


Mario Badescu Cucumber Makeup Remover Cream

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably already know the controversy around this product (it does not smell like cucumbers!). I thoroughly regret purchasing this overrated makeup remover, but it’s gotta get used, so it’s on the list.


Ponds Cold Cream Cleanser

The OG of makeup removers, this has lasted a surprisingly long time given how little product you actually get in a jar. It’s fine, it does the job, I’m just more a micellar water kinda girl.


L’Oreal Matte Lip Paint in ‘Nude-ist’

I bought this very recently, and I love it. It’s a nude, wearable colour so I don’t think it will be a challenge to pan. It doesn’t make my lips dry and it applies like a dream. It’s such an easy product, I suspect I’ll be getting more in the future.


Tarte Tarteist Mascara

This is on its way out. I love travel-sized mascaras because you have the opportunity to use them up before they dry out, so there’s less waste. I’ve been using this consistently the last few weeks so I don’t know how many uses are left but I doubt it’s many.


Maybelline Big Shot Mascara

I am not in love with this mascara. It flakes on me and other products have made my lashes look more impressive. I definitely think there are superior Maybelline mascaras out there so I won’t buy this one again.


Nyx Liquid Suede in ‘Soft-Spoken’

I love these, and the shades available. Such a comfortable non-drying liquid lipstick, which seem to be few and far between. I’ve had these about a year and one has almost always been in my bag. This is one of my favourite shades but it’s getting streaky on application, so it’s gotta go soon.


Nyx Retractable Eyeliner in ‘Deep Purple’

I’m going to use this to tightline to add some colour to neutral eye looks. I’ve had this one several months and as it’s a twist up eyeliner, I don’t think I should hold on to it for much longer (oops) for hygiene reasons. This will be going in the bin after Christmas regardless as a result.


Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in ‘Trooper’

Another travel-sized product. I like this eyeliner a lot, it’s easy to use and has a flexible brush tip as opposed to a felt tip normally seen in eyeliner pens. However, I’ve heard this one dries out fast so I want to get as much use as possible out of it before that happens.


My rules for this pan are:

  • No buying lip products/eyeliners/makeup removers until the above have been panned
  • Dispose of Nyx eyeliner after Christmas
  • Don’t be a wasteful sh*thead just to pan the products.


I’m aiming to be completely finished with these products by the start of February, which I feel is realistic and definitely generous for half the products. It’s an easy enough task for my first ever project pan though, I won’t pretend that I’m challenging myself here. I am however trying to wean myself into the process so that I can gradually up the ante on panning. You’ll see in my project pan post that I’ve been doing this with skincare too, and I’m almost finished in that regard. 

Are you gonna take part?


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