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Order Sephora from Ireland for €13.85

It’s true, I cracked the code.

Sephora has long seemed like a mythical, magical place full of high-end makeup, forever out of our reach here in Ireland. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been onto their site several times just to look at makeup you’ll never be able to get. Sure, there are other sites to get a lot of high end makeup brands these days, but there’s only one place you can shop the Sephora collection. It’s also just too hyped up for us not to be able to access. I did my homework though and I think I’ve figured out the best and fastest way to get Sephora delivered here.

Ok this is easiest step by step so let’s go:

1. Go register with Parcel Motel and get your UK address.
(You could also try Parcel Wizard, which is actually 10c cheaper and may be more suitable if you don’t have a Parcel Motel depot nearby. I used Parcel Motel though so I’m including it here.)

2. Go to the French Sephora website. You will be asked if you want to translate the page. Just in case you’re not, here is where to click:

3. Register for an account with the address Parcel Motel gives you.

4. Go shopping! You can see what’s on special offer by typing ‘offre speciale’ or ‘soldes’ (sale) into the search bar:

5. Some parts of the website don’t translate into English, Google translate is your friend.

6. When you have all the products you want, click on your basket. You’ll see you can add a discount code if you have one:

You can find current discount codes here. When I was typing this up, I used a code from here and it worked for me.

7. When you get to the checkout, you’ll see options for delivery in French.

Translate the page into English and it becomes very confusing.

Press “show original” in the translation box.

Put the full UK address Parcel Motel gave you here:

8. Sephora will direct you to the next page and add the delivery cost to your total:

Sephora = €9.90
Parcel Motel = €3.95
Total for delivery = €13.85 (or €13.75 with Parcel Wizard)

9.  Sit back and wait for your stuff to arrive.

Yes, French Sephora does not have everything US Sephora has, but there are certain products we can’t have delivered here from US anyway (I filled a basket with a UK address on the US site and several items had to be removed, especially skincare products). Sephora have also copped on to the use of third party sites like MyUS and Gosend, and won’t send their items to those addresses.
Also, probably the biggest benefit of using French Sephora, you are only dealing with a single currency throughout. There is false hope in ordering in US with a UK address as the dollar is so weak against the pound.

And just to prove that I was thorough in my research, I also looked into ordering from the Sephora in JC Penney, which ships internationally. Once I registered with them and put in an Irish account, prices went up. Look at the difference in price for one item:

Via JC Penney ($48 = €42.90)


Holy markup, Batman! Now see how much it is in French Sephora:

Also as with US Sephora delivering to the UK, there were many items that couldn’t be shipped:

It might seem like it’s still a lot of hassle to go to, but when I ordered from French Sephora it took a full week from the day I ordered for my items to be ready for collection. Don’t forget to check out my Guide to Shopping in Sephora to see the best deals (and what’s worth getting elsewhere).

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