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Nyx Total Control Drop Foundation Hurt My Feelings

You’ve probably figured out that Nyx is my favourite brand. I have their Invincible foundation which is pretty great. Their eyeliners, lipsticks, jumbo pencils and eyeshadows are amazing. But man, they keep letting me down this year. 

I ordered this online as it wasn’t available to me locally, so I had to guess my shade. At €18.50 a bottle, I really didn’t want to get it wrong. I decided to go for 06 Vanilla as it appeared to be for fair skin with warm undertones (the lightest shade in the range is 01 so this a foundation which definitely caters to pale people).

My immediate first impressions were: This colour was 1-2 shades too light for me. That was clearly my fault, not something I can blame on the brand. You can warm up pale foundations with bronzer, or mix them with another foundation. Not the end of the world. 
This has a mere 13ml of product. 
Most foundations come in 30ml bottles.They absolutely could have given us more product, especially considering the price of it. I know the idea behind it is that you’ll need less as you’ll only be using a certain amount of drops, but that is not the most beginner friendly system. I mean really, look at the picture of the bottle at the top of the page. You can clearly see how much I’ve used already.

When I used it for the first time, I used the Smashbox priming water which I knew I liked and worked well with other foundations. I was expecting a quick and easy process. Well, I got foundation everywhere. It went on my clothes, my desk, all over my hands. It’s hard to see how much is in the dropper as it’s coated in the foundation anyway, and the consistency is so runny that it’s coming out of the dropper whether you like it or not. I tried applying it directly to my face and that’s how I ended up with it on my clothes. So instead, I applied some to my makeup sponge. Again, I can’t say exactly how much as it’s difficult to measure it in the obscure dropper, but what I would have thought would cover half my face. The first thing I noticed on application was the texture. It felt like liquid chalk on my skin, like I was placing a film of it on my face. I persevered, added mascara, sprayed some more Smashbox priming water to counteract the heaviness. Once I looked at it properly, all I good see was it clinging to every dry patch, every bit of texture, and every pore on my face. I asked my mother what she thought of my new foundation and her immediate response was “Throw it out.” The whole point of foundation is to make your skin look better, not worse.

I tried again, though. I used L’oreal Lumi primer this time, another primer I knew played nicely with other products. I used a foundation brush to apply the foundation. Same results. Normally there’s something you can do with a foundation to make it look better, this one just hated my entire face. I don’t even know what I can do with it now. It’s not the type of foundation I can mix with another one (tried that). I can’t use it as anything else.

If you’re still dead set on trying this, even after I’ve told you how much it’s hurt my feelings, here’s some advice: do NOT buy this online. You need to test it out yourself to see if it’s a texture you can work with. It might just be my shade that’s like liquid chalk (06 Vanilla). When I’m looking at foundations in Boots, I always test a bit out on my jaw to not only see if it’s a colour match, but also to see if it has a nice finish. Test out the dropper, see if you can physically measure the amount of drops that come out. A lot of people who like this foundation don’t abide by the ‘X number of drops equals X coverage’ so it’s not life or death by any means if you need more than the box tells you. Do you find it too messy? Is it worth €18.50 to you? Please keep in mind how little you get for the cost.

So what do you think? Have you used it and liked it? 

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