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Makeup Resolutions

This post is probably more suitable for late December/early January, but I thought of it in September so here we are.


I really doubt I’m the first person to think of a concept like this, as much as I’d like the credit for it. I recently went back and read my project pan post and it got me thinking about my makeup routine. And before you roll your eyes and say, Oh great, Laura’s back on her ethical bullsh*t, hear me out! I’m trying to be practical here. The idea of having a makeup collection really intrigues me and I’m gradually developing a little one myself. However, why do I have so much makeup I’m not using? What I’d prefer is to have a lot of makeup I am actively using. I’m not saying I’m going to pan every product I have, merely make an effort to use them more. Take myself ever so slightly outside of my comfort zone.



Comfort zones are reliable and safe, like a Volvo or magnolia paint. But they also lead to ruts, which are best known for being something to desperately escape. I decluttered some makeup yesterday (so long dear friends/worst enemies), and realised I definitely am in a makeup rut. I love my pale pink eyeshadows. I can’t be bothered with eyeliner most of the time outside of tightlining. My poor eyebrows have been totally neglected (my excuse is I’ve been growing them out). I always wear the same highlighter. It all feels like a waste because I have makeup products I’m not wearing that I do like. Why did I buy something just to not use it? It makes no sense to me now. I don’t think any of us have the money to spend on things we don’t use.


This is why I’ve decided to make myself some makeup resolutions, which are essentially ways to switch up my routine for the better. This means that I’ll not only get out of my makeup rut, but I won’t waste existing products either. It’s a good deal.



So, for the sake of accountability, here are my makeup resolutions, effective immediately:

  • Take a break from the light pink eyeshadows. Use other colours for a while instead.
  • Incorporate eyeliner more.
  • Pay attention to eyebrows!
  • Rotate highlighters.


There’s probably more I could think of but these are the most obvious to me right now. Can you think of any resolutions for yourself? They don’t have to be strictly about using more products, you could even try to use less if you feel you’re wearing too much.


Here are some ideas:

  • Use [insert palette] more/less.
  • Try one of your other primers.
  • Wash your brushes more often!
  • Use that setting spray.
  • Experiment with/more than one eyeshadow on the eye.
  • Practise contouring/winged eyeliner/smokey eyes.
  • Apply highlighter/blusher/bronzer more/less liberally.
  • Go for a more nude/bold lip.
  • Incorporate more colours/neutrals into your look.
  • Spend 5 minutes longer/less on your makeup.
  • Get properly colour matched for foundation.
  • Have no-buys (a period of time set by you in which you buy no makeup).


So what do you think? What makeup resolutions will you make?


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