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Inglot YSM Cream Foundation Review

You know how it goes. You pop into Inglot for something (bronzer), and leave with more than you intended to buy (bronzer and foundation). I’ve been wearing MAC Studio Fix for a while now and even though I do like it, it’s a bit heavy for everyday wear. Also, at €32, it’s not exactly cheap.


So here to save the day is Inglot YSM (Young Skin Makeup) Cream foundation, promising me the sun and stars. Well, not really. But it is €20 for the standard 30ml of product, so it’s definitely more affordable than a lot of foundations out there. This product claims to provide medium to full coverage; one layer for medium, two layers for full.


It might look very small, but it has the same amount of product as most other foundations on the market (30ml).

First of all, if you’re also used to wearing full coverage foundation, you will notice this to have a thinner consistency that’s much easier to blend into the skin. Thicker foundations can drag along dry patches on the face and require extra effort, which aren’t conducive to doing your makeup fast early in the morning. I haven’t tried applying this foundation with a sponge yet because I am very happy with how easy it is to apply with my trusty Blank Canvas foundation brush.


This foundation has a thin but not watery consistency, making it very easy to blend.

Secondly, I didn’t see a huge difference between one and two layers. If anything, I learned to apply one thick layer and leave it at that. The coverage is definitely medium at a minimum, while not looking unnatural or cakey on the skin. I can still see my pores when I wear it, but it’s only a foundation, not a magic potion.


Thirdly, if you have dry skin don’t try to just have primer on your face before applying, you will need a moisturiser. The first time I applied it, I spritzed my face with Pixi hydrating mist and Urban Decay Quick Fix priming spray, both of which add a light layer of moisture. It wasn’t enough, and left my forehead and under my eyes looking dry within minutes of the foundation being on. This makes sense really as Inglot’s site reports that this product leaves a matte finish. The next time I used it, I applied a layer of First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream first instead, which made a big difference (it helps that this moisturiser also dries fast). I feel this foundation would probably work for all skin types as long as the skin is adequately prepped. You will need to use a primer or reliable moisturiser as a base first, there’s no way around it. I know primer isn’t everyone’s thing, but I don’t see this foundation staying put without one.


No pump here! The foundation comes in a squeezy tube.


This foundation doesn’t oxidise, which is a welcome relief. In terms of longevity, it definitely needs a setting spray (I use Urban Decay All Nighter); without it, the foundation literally disappeared from my cheeks and jaws within a couple of hours.


Another area this product falls down in is that it’s only available in 15 shades. It’s hard to find affordable foundations that are available in suitable shades for deeper skin tones, and there’s really no excuse not to extend existing ranges. 



Despite some obvious shortcomings, I do like this product. It’s fast to apply and blend, but still thick enough to provide decent coverage. There’s no overwhelming fragrance from it (huge plus), it works well with my skin as long as I’ve prepped it properly, and it lasts as long as I need it to. I definitely needed to prime and set with setting spray to ensure it stays put. If I need full coverage, I will probably go back to my MAC Studio Fix, but I’ll keep using the Inglot one for everyday wear.


To summarise:


  • Great coverage
  • Affordable
  • Easy to apply
  • Not heavy or cakey on the skin
  • No fragrance



  • Requires a primer and setting spray to ensure longevity
  • Doesn’t really build to full coverage
  • Only available in 15 shades
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