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Huda Beauty Mauve Obsessions Review


We were inundated with new releases this year from low to high-end brands. It seemed like a week didn’t pass without a new eyeshadow palette coming out that dominated social media, with every blogger, influencer and everyone in-between sharing their looks and swatches on Instagram. It can be overwhelming just reading about new products, let alone shopping for them when most of us are financially restricted to a degree. 

But we do of course persist, especially me considering how impressionable I am.

Huda Beauty released a new range of eyeshadow palettes in early November, available in 4 different colour schemes: Warm Brown, Smokey, Mauve and Electric. They remind me a bit of the Nyx Ultimate palettes, although Nyx doesn’t have a Mauve option. I had a tough time deciding which one to get as all 4 are beautiful. It’s hard not to appreciate the effort that went into ensuring each palette appealed to different makeup preferences.



Firstly, I want to get this out of the way: yes, it is small. It will fit in the palm of your hand. However, I think too much is being made about its size. Each eyeshadow pan has the standard amount of product in it (and the same amount as the pans in Huda’s bigger palettes), and there’s a decent mirror included. Let’s not forget, this is a really convenient size for anyone who travels a lot or just likes dinky makeup. At £25/€28.20, do I think it could be a bit cheaper? Yes, but you’re not getting fooled out of money by any means and I’d gladly pay the same price for another one.

Secondly, and I apologise in advance for being a pedant, but it is not a mauve palette. This is what mauve looks like, whereas the palette is a mix of cranberry, pinkish reds and neutrals. I had to get that out of the way.



Ok, let’s do this row by row.



Top Row:

From left to right – The first shade is a matte burgundy-brown. It’s creamy albeit slightly powdery.                                        It blends well and builds easily.

                                   The second shade is a pinkish-red shimmer with a hint of gold. It applies best                                           with a finger and provides a subtly shimmer.

                                   The third shade is a cooler peachy pink shimmer. It’s also subtle and can be                                             applied with a finger or damp brush. I found this looks beautiful in the inner                                           corners of the eyes.


Middle Row:

From left to right – The first shade is a light red shimmer, the texture of which is chunky (unlike the                                      other shimmers in the palette). There’s fallout with this eyeshadow, not just on                                        the face but also in the eyeshadow directly underneath. As a result it can be                                              messy to use, a very gentle touch is needed to avoid fallout. It applies best with                                         a brush, wet or dry. Probably my least favourite of them all due to how                                                       temperamental it is.

                                   The second shade is a matte taupe. It’s very creamy, blendable and simple to                            use. I’ve worn this several times for work with no primer underneath and it stays put                                             all day. This is my favourite from the palette because it’s so easy to work with. 

                                   The third shade is a creamy, terracotta matte. It blends like a dream and also                                           requires no primer to stay in place.


Third Row:

From left to right – The first shade is a plum-brown matte. It requires some building to become                                              opaque which I personally don’t mind, as it is an ideal shade to smoke out the                                          eye with. Blends easily. Works great as an eyeliner.

                                   The second shade is a cream matte. Oftentimes, paler matte shades can be                                                 powdery but this one is the opposite, and very soft. It has a very, eh, creamy                texture. 

                                  The third shade is dark red with tiny shimmer particles, making it a semi-matte.                                      It has the weakest pigmentation of any matte in the palette and needs to be built                         up. I’m not entirely sure how best to use this shade so it’s not a favourite. 


You’ve probably guessed already that I really do enjoy this palette. It’s deceptively versatile; you can wear a toned down look with some subtle shimmer in the inner corners, or go all out with a full-on red look. You can use the deep plum shade as eyeliner. You can do a smokey eye. It’s definitely not as limiting as I assumed it would be, and shadows like the taupe and cream mattes make for great everyday staples. There are absolutely a couple of duds, but it hasn’t put me off. The shimmers aren’t very overpowering which might be a drawback for some, but I personally have even stand-out shimmers I have nowhere to wear so it’s just fine by me.


To sum up:


  • Compact
  • Most of the eyeshadows are excellent quality
  • Great staying power even without primer
  • Versatile



  • Not all shadows are outstanding – one shimmer is very messy, the semi-matte is also difficult to work with
  • A bit on the pricey side
  • The shimmers are mostly subtle



What do you reckon?

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