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Disappointing Products that Hurt my Feelings


I’m not sure this post will make me particularly popular. There will definitely be other people’s faves mentioned here. It’s not personal. Whilst certain products might be amazing for some people, they may equally let someone else down entirely. Much like a lover. But I digress. Here are a few makeup products that I’ve found disappointing lately (and a bonus skincare product that also sucks).

Sanctuary Spa Body Oil Spray

I love a nice oil for my body and this smelled amazing in Boots. At €9.99, it’s not the cheapest body spray (not for me anyway), and I was expecting great things. Well, obviously this product didn’t deliver or it wouldn’t be part of this post. I used it once and never again. Firstly, it is very dry once it gets onto the skin, making an even application difficult to achieve. Secondly, it leaves a greasy film on the skin. It might seem paradoxical but yes, it is both dry and greasy at the same time. It also does not smell as nice on the body as it does in the bottle, trust me. Too awkward, not effective, hard pass.

Nyx Curvaceous Mascara

I LOVE Nyx. It is at times, however, an unrequited love. Promising definition and volume, this mascara doesn’t do everything it says on the tin. Is it a bad mascara? No, it’s fine. It will coat your lashes. Yes it provides some definition. The volume it provides though is debatable. The formula is also very wet so it takes forever to dry. It’s a nice mascara if you like a more muted lash look, but I like my lashes to look comical and this product couldn’t help me with that sadly. It’s also not great for holding a curl. Resounding meh from me.

Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eye liner (Metallic Umber)

I got this in TK Maxx for around ten euro, so thankfully I didn’t go through the added insult of paying full price for it. I love brown eyeliners and this is a beautiful shade, so it really seemed like a bargain. Sadly when I got it home and started to play with it, I realised this needs a good bit of pressure to show up on the eyelids. Think about the last place on your body you’d want to apply pressure to, guarantee your eyelids is in the top 5. Naturally, it didn’t show up at all on the waterline. The formula is just so dry. I noticed as I was swatching this, you can’t wind it up any further, so this is definitely an all-round dud.

Swatches l-r: Stila Smudge Stick waterproof eyeliner (Metallic Umber), Benefit They’re Real! Push-up eyeliner (green)


Benefit They’re Real! Push-up eyeliner

This eyeliner was a huge letdown for me. The head of it is quite gimmicky in that you have to twist the base to have goo come out of the slanted felt tip. Sounds easy, right? Actually, that part is. The application is what makes me hate this product. I have tried it a few times and every time, it felt like it had dried out. This is unacceptable for a brand new product. I nearly sprained my wrist shaking it to no avail. The tip also felt coarse on my eyelid, and it’s something you need to keep very clean as product tends to gather on it. Definitely not something I would recommend for sensitive eyes. Mine aren’t very sensitive (aren’t all eyes sensitive to a degree though?!) but it still caused a bit of redness on my lid. The worst thing is it set me back €25. I could have bought 22 packets of Maltesers for that price. Trust me when I tell you that this product is not worth 22 packets of Maltesers.


 Nyx Lip Lingerie (Embellishment)

Everyone and their mother seem to have one of these liquid lipsticks, so I was surprised to be so unimpressed with it. I just find it too drying. No matter how well prepped my lips are before using it, this just sinks into the lines and makes my lips look and feel parched. It applies so patchy so you can’t just swipe it on your lips and go, this product needs your full attention. It’s not a liquid lipstick you can top up with lip balm either as it moves the product around. I tried it with a lipliner which only improved it marginally, but mostly because there was an added barrier between the product and my lips (presumably). Also, I don’t like the idea of a lipliner being a necessity with any form of lipstick, it’s just an extra step I’m not willing to go to. The colour is stunning though, so I do understand why someone would willfully spend more time on the application. One big pro from what I can tell is that it is hard to get this stuff off, so it does have some serious staying power. 

Swatches l-r: Nyx Lip Lingerie (Embellishment), Sleek Matte Me Metallic (Volcanic)

Sleek Matte Me Metallic (Volcanic)

I love me some metallic lips. I’m not sure I can pull the look off, but it makes me feel like a sexy robot. This liquid lipstick just made me look like a sad robot. Actually, it didn’t make me look like a robot at all. Firstly, the colour looked completely different on my lips compared to my arm. There was no metallic finish on my lips whatsoever. Please don’t advertise your product as being metallic if it isn’t. I will happily stay completely loyal to my Nyx jumbo lip pencils rather than waste my time being fooled by false advertising. Secondly, it made my lips look shrivelled. I know that’s a con with many a matte liquid lipstick, but this was one of the worst I’ve come across. As with the Nyx Lip Lingerie, applying lip balm on top of it just moved the product around. I’ve tried another matte liquid lipstick from Sleek and was immediately disappointed with that one also, so I don’t think I’ll be buying any more from them again. Even as I was swatching it for this post, it took 4 or 5 swatches for it to even show up on my hand, and you can see for yourself how patchy it looks.

So you can probably guess I am not a fan of dry products. What has disappointed you lately?

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4 thoughts on “Disappointing Products that Hurt my Feelings”

  • I use such cheapy makeup that my expectations are generally super low anyway. The Ordinary skincare range has disappointed me though. I expected revolutionary results after a few weeks. Sadly this has not been the case. Luckily not too too many Maltesers were sacrificed.

  • I was disappointed by Lip Lingerie too. Aside from how dry and wrinkly they leave my lips, every shade I tried just had way too much of a grey tone, so I looked a bit dead.

    • Yes I really didn’t care for all the cool tones they had. I know they’ve expanded a bit since but still not too keen on the selection.

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