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Start your Makeup Inventory in 2018


Ok, I know New Year’s resolutions are a bunch of hokey and statistically are likely to fail in less than a month (presumably). However, I’m not proposing starting them (although I’ve suggested starting resolutions any time of the year). I’m talking about starting a makeup inventory. A lot of (highly sensible) people monitor their spending on the regular, this is not too far removed from that. Which brings me to my next point: Do you ever worry about how much you spend on makeup? I sure as heck do.



One thing I’m going to start in the New Year (aka tomorrow) is to track of what I buy, when I buy it and how long it lasts me. You might just buy an eyeliner here and there, but it all adds up. Maybe you only buy makeup rarely but like me appreciate a good spreadsheet. Whatever your reason, you might be glad you did it this time next year.


 Too much? Think of the benefits:


  • Discover exactly how much you’re spending per month on makeup
  • Find out precisely how much inventory you have
  • See what you’re using and what you’re not using
  • Determine which items are best value for money
  • Have a record of when to throw out products
  • Potentially spend less on makeup subconsciously
  • Save money/put it towards something else
  • Decide what you’re spending too much money on
  • Reveals what your spending habits look like month to month.


Intrigued? Probably not but you’ve made it this far so I’ll keep going.

One way is to use Excel, adding as many columns as you want (e.g. product type, finish of product, weight, colour, etc). You could go old-school and keep a written record next to your beauty products. Maybe a decent app will come along and do a lot of the work for you (we can dream).

Obviously you could do this with skincare items, books, clothes, etc. too. The principle remains the same. Maybe you need motivation or a reason why to start in the first place. Do you have savings goals? Are you planning on a holiday or big purchase this year? Maybe you just want to see if you can keep it up for the next twelve months, it’s totally up to you.

Have I convinced you, or scared you off? Let me know.

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